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Selling a lot on eBay? We like to reward you for that!

We know you are a super star seller and you worked hard to build up your reputation. We appreciate your great effort and have created a tool to make your business easier and even more profitable.

Welcome to CitizenShipper! Where you can start earning right away by just adding this small banner to your auctions!

Some of the benefits you get with our low cost shipping platform are:

eBay compatible application
  • check Sell More! Sell Faster!
  • check Attract more bidders to your auctions!
  • check Save your buyers money!
  • check Get rewarded cash right away!

How it Works

CitizenShipper connects people based on their shipping requirements with professional, background checked and feedback rated drivers who can transport their items.

We offer eBay buyers the best low cost shipping alternative.

The CitizenShipper widget is a fully certified, eBay compatible application that has passed rigorous eBay tests. It only takes a minute to activate the application on your Seller's eBay account, and we'll send you cash straight to your Paypal account!

It's completely secured and totally reliable — from the click "Order" button to the delivery of the item to your buyer's address.

Ready to activate your account? Just click the button below. You'll then securely log in to your eBay account and the application will automatically install.

To uninstall the application, just email us at support 'at' CitizenShipper.com.

Please read our terms and conditions here.

Our Rewards Program

Our rewards program is structured in a way that compensates you depending on how frequently you list auctions on eBay. The more auctions you have listed in the last 30 days, the more we pay you.

Here's a breakdown of our rewards program:

Auctions Listed in
last 30 days
CitizenShipper Reward


Add the banner and see your sales multiply right away! With our trusted, reliable, and secured low cost shipping platform, it's easy to make selling on eBay more profitable for you, and your buyers - happier!

How great will it be to have a smart widget take care of shipping?

We guarantee, it will.

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