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How Does CitizenShipper Work for Shippers?


What can I ship using CitizenShipper?
Anything from a document to a pet dragon (if it's legal and you can get drivers to bid on it).
How do I post a shipment?
Click GET FREE QUOTES on the Citizen Shipper home page. You will be taken to a form where you can fill in the details about your shipment. Once you submit the form, drivers can start bidding on your shipment. You will receive an email notification for all new bids on your shipment. You can review the bids collectively on the CitizenShipper platform and choose a driver to deliver your package.
How do I set myself up as a shipper ready to take bids?
Start by creating a shipper profile here. You'll be taken to a form where you can fill in your personal and shipment details. Once you submit the form, your shipment will be listed on CitizenShipper and drivers can make bids. You can edit your shipment’s details at any time by navigating to your shipment’s detail page from your dashboard and clicking “edit” at the bottom of the page.
How do I know if a driver has bid on my shipment?
Once your shipment is posted, drivers can make bids. You will receive an email notification when a driver bids on your shipment. You can also log in to your account on CitizenShipper and click "My Bids" on the left navigation panel and see all your bids for each posted shipment.
Drivers are interested, but all their bids are higher than I want to pay.
If you are uncertain about the charges being suggested on a shipment, you can check out some similar shipments here. CitizenShipper has a price estimator tool, which guides drivers in making appropriately priced bids. Make sure you look for that on your dashboard as well. You might find that for one reason or another, drivers cannot deliver your shipment for a lower cost. Or you might see that other drivers are offering lower charges on similar shipments. CitizenShipper encourages you to contact the bidding drivers directly and ask. You can do that by clicking on a drivers name and then scrolling to the bottom of their profile page and clicking on the “Ask a Question” button. If you don’t want to contact the driver directly, you can simply wait and see if other drivers submit lower bids.
How do I select a driver?
From your dashboard, click on “My Bids.” There you will see a list of drivers and bids they have made on your shipment. Select the one you like best and click on the “Accept” button by their bid. When you accept a drivers bid an email notification will be sent to the driver indicating that you have hired them for the job. The driver will receive your contact information and is encouraged to contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details of your shipment.
How can I find out more about the drivers who make bids on my shipment?
Every driver is required to create an account with CitizenShipper in order to bid on your shipments. We ask them to fill out a profile page, which you can access clicking on the drivers name when they bid on your shipment. The profile page includes:

Name and email contact information.
Driving history and experience level.
Professional driving licenses. ( a Commercial Drivers License for example.)
USDOT number.
Name of insurance company.
Photos of the driver and their vehicle.
My driver doesn't have a whole lot of feedback. Is that a problem?
Not necessarily. We encourage all of our shippers to provide feedback for every shipment. It's easy and it's the best way to thank an amazing driver. If a driver doesn't have too much feedback, they may be new to CitizenShipper. You can always check out the details provided on their profile page to assure you pick the best person for your shipment.
How are drivers screened?
Safety is our highest priority at CitizenShipper. We are thoroughly invested in creating a safe community for you. Drivers must be CitizenShipper certified to bid on any shipments. We perform comprehensive background checks, address and phone verifications, and require pictures of drivers and their vehicles. Drivers who join CitizenShipper are screened for a variety of criminal offenses and driving incidents. We utilize a reputable leader in screening called Single Source Services to perform our comprehensive background check. We assure drivers have:
• Zero felonies in the past five years.
• Zero felonies in the last ten years involving theft, assault or violent crime.
• Zero DUI arrests within the last five years.
• No outstanding warrants for arrest.
What does CitizenShipper Certified mean?
Drivers are CitizenShipper certified when they complete 100% of their profile page. CitizenShipper acknowledges drivers that accomplish this by placing a “CitizenShipper Certified” stamp on their profile page. Drivers that have the stamp on their profile page are more likely to be chosen for shipments.
How does CitizenShipper make money?
A small administrative fee of less than 10% of the final value of the transaction is charged to the customer upon selecting a driver. This fee goes to support the continued development of the CitizenShipper platform and to the continued service and safeguards provided by our support staff to our community of users.
What are some best practices of power shippers?
• In all cases, it’s best to communicate. Drivers always appreciate a quick text or phone call to let them know if any details have changed. Communication is the key to being successful on CitizenShipper.

• When you are posting a shipment, provide as much specific detail as possible. Let them know about any special handling instructions, or neighborhood directions for pick-up and drop-off if the locations might be hard to find. This will help drivers make accurate bids quickly so your shipment can get to its destination faster.

• We strongly encourage everyone in our community to fill out their profile pages in full. It isn’t required for shippers but a full profile page makes interactions more personal and enjoyable for everyone.

• Think about any details of your shipment that might lead to higher bids, like heavy or large objects that might require an extra pair of hands to move or out of the way pick-up or drop-off locations. Thinking about it ahead of time might allow you to mitigate some of the extra cost. Being conscious of extenuating circumstances will at the very least keep you from being surprised at the bids you receive.

• Be flexible with the method of payment. Set up and link your accounts ahead of time so payment is quick and hassle free. If a driver prefers one service over another, you can respond quickly to any request and you will be able to remit payment immediately upon delivery.
How do I pay for my shipment?
When you select your driver, an email notification is sent to the driver with your contact information. At that point, the driver should call or email the shipper directly to work out pick-up and delivery details. Payment details should be discussed as well. Most shipments are paid for upon delivery of the object being shipped. Shippers and drivers agree on method of payment (Paypal, Square, Venmo, cash, or check are all viable options) and timing of payment on the initial call or email confirming the details about the job.

Setting up an account with one of the following companies ahead of time is highly recommended.
• You can set yourself up a PayPal account to accept cards and direct bank transfers.
• You can set yourself up a Square account to accept credit cards as payment.
• You can set yourself up an account on Venmo to accept direct bank transfers.
• You can ask the shipper to remit payment by cash or check upon delivery of the shipment.

If there is any problem at all with payment, shippers and drivers can contact CitizenShipper support at anytime.
How can I contact you if I have questions or problems?
Email support with any questions anytime. Or call customer service at 1-888-263-4804. We are available 9am - 5pm CST Monday to Friday.
Okay, this sounds great, how do I get started now?
Awesome. Drivers click . Shippers click here.