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How To Choose a CitizenShipper Driver for Your Needs

Picking the right CitizenShipper driver starts with listing your item.

By Ron Watson, Jr. Now that you’ve decided to use CitizenShipper to transport your cargo, there are a handful of simple tips for picking the right online driver for the job. CitizenShipper offers a...


How To Ship a Sailboat

Transporting a sailboat requires planning with an even keel.

By Ron Watson, Jr. Piloting a sailboat can be great fun, but maintaining your craft is a daunting task. And transporting a vessel is one of the toughest chores a sailor can face. Size...


Shipment Stacking Tool Puts Power in Drivers’ Hands

  CitizenShipper drivers now have a way to combine different shipments with ease. The online shipping site has launched its Shipment Stacking Tool, which allows drivers to bid on other loads near the location...