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How does it work?

Get Paid To Drive. Top Drivers on CitizenShipper Earn $1,000s in a month.

Get Paid for Courier Jobs out of .

Find Courier Jobs on our new site designed to connect you with well paid courier contracts. You decide whether you make $100's or $1,000s every week as we connect you with courier jobs in your area.

We charge ZERO commission fees and ZERO connection fees on jobs you win! You keep everything that the client offers.

What kind of shipments might I be asked to deliver?

Really it could be anything from small pieces of furniture, boxes, a letter, or even pets. Our customers have had motorcycle shipments, small packages and garden tools. There's huge variety in the type of shipments listed on our load board.

What happens if my vehicle can't fit the shipment?

You are not obliged to make any shipments. We will send you notification of deliveries in your area, and if you like the look of a job you are free to place a quote. If you do not like it, simply ignore it. Some drivers rent larger vehicles so they can fit the large shipments, and factor the rental into the quote that they send the client.

Ok, so just how much money can I make?

There are a few things that determine how much you get paid. The size of the shipment, the distance you'll need to travel, and how urgent the delivery is, will typically set the amount that you will get paid for the job.

The short and local delivery jobs can be in the range of $100 to $300 (on average), in contrast the long distance hot shot loads can pay in the thousands of dollars range.

So just how far will I be expected to drive?

Each contract is different. Some deliveries are short local pick-up and delivery, that start and end within a single city. Others, deliveries can be to a different city, or sometimes a different state. There are a wide range of hot shot trucking jobs on the site, hopefully to fit your needs. If you happen to be taking a road trip then you can connect with shipments that can help pay for gas, and often a little extra spending money.

How exactly do I get paid?

CitizenShipper connects you with shipments - but we don't mediate the payment. When a client hires you for the job, (via our site) they become legally bound to pay you via the sample legal contracts on our site**. Provided that you fulfill your end of the bargain, the client must pay you. You are free to ask for cash or check for payment. Some drivers have the capability to accept credit cards or Paypal too, so that's also an option for you.

You are free to request a percentage of the payment promised in advance, however many drivers use the actual shipment itself as the collateral to ensure payment.

Since CitizenShipper was launched, we have had 100% payment from clients, so please don't be too concerned about this!

Do I need to buy any special licenses or permits to join CitizenShipper?

Not at all. That's the great thing about CitizenShipper. Some of our drivers hold CDL's and regularly use load boards, while many others just hold standard drivers licenses. Some run a hot shot business, others are simply weekend drivers. Some of the small local pick-up and delivery courier jobs might just appeal to non-commercial drivers, whereas larger freight or hot shot loads found on the site might be more attractive to the commercial drivers who are familiar with load boards. There are typically shipments for just about everyone!*

How much does it cost to join?

CitizenShipper is only $24 for three months of membership. For your peace of mind, we offer a 60 day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

* "Please be advised that transporting more than five (5) shipments in interstate commerce without possessing motor carrier operating authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration may disqualify Transporter as being exempt from federal statutes and regulations applicable to interstate motor carriers on the basis that the Transporter's operations are no longer 'casual' and 'occasional'. Similar statutes and regulations may apply to operations solely within your state. You should consult with an attorney specializing in transportation law to be advised of your legal rights."

**Contracts should not be used unless approved by your attorney.

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