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Small dog from Jersey City

Jersey City, NJ → Gillette, WY (1,860 mi)

Small dog from Baltimore

Baltimore, MD → Fort Lauderdale, FL (1,078 mi)

Electrical from Nashville

Nashville, TN → Pittsburgh, PA (573 mi)

Medium dog from Rochester

Rochester, NY → Seattle, WA (2,679 mi)

Large dog from Houston

Houston, TX → Miami, FL (1,186 mi)

Large dog from Waldron

Waldron, AR → Phelan, CA (1,488 mi)

Shipment from Ville Platte

Ville Platte, LA → Baltimore, MD (1,248 mi)

Small dog from Tea

Tea, SD → Moreno Valley, CA (1,597 mi)

Medium dog from Lincoln

Lincoln, CA → Seabrook, TX (1,994 mi)

Shipment from Sacramento

Sacramento, CA → Cranberry Township, PA (2,479 mi)

Medium dog from McAlester

McAlester, OK → Las Vegas, NV (1,239 mi)

Small dog from Waco

Waco, TX → Gillette, WY (1,213 mi)

Medium dog from San Clemente

San Clemente, CA → Billings, MT (1,277 mi)

Shipment from Boca Raton

Boca Raton, FL → Dayton, OH (1,144 mi)

Cats from Naples

Naples, FL → Grand Rapids, MI (1,407 mi)

Medium dog from Hartville

Hartville, OH → Norwood, MA (635 mi)

Furniture from Tulsa

Tulsa, OK → Seattle, WA (2,012 mi)

Small dog from Bell Gardens

Bell Gardens, CA → Orland, CA (504 mi)

Small dog from Kissimmee

Kissimmee, FL → East Rutherford, NJ (1,094 mi)

Cats from Richland Center

Richland Center, WI → Mott, ND (760 mi)

Small dog from Little Rock

Little Rock, AR → Grand Rapids, MI (795 mi)

Shipment from Graettinger

Graettinger, IA → Gayville, SD (156 mi)

Cats from Littleton

Littleton, CO → Wilson, NC (1,733 mi)

Small dog from San Francisco

San Francisco, CA → Chino Hills, CA (416 mi)

Small dog from Miami

Miami, FL → Oklahoma City, OK (1,510 mi)

Small dog from Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK → Auburn, AL (843 mi)

Cats from Tavernier

Tavernier, FL → Florence, AL (994 mi)

Small dog from Dallas

Dallas, TX → Lake Village, AR (373 mi)

Small dog from Eureka

Eureka, CA → Spokane, WA (740 mi)

Small dog from Annapolis

Annapolis, MD → Mohave Valley, AZ (2,422 mi)

Small dog from Brandon Township

Brandon Township, MI → Fairbanks, AK (2,856 mi)

Medium dog from Austin

Austin, TX → Las Vegas, NV (1,267 mi)

Medium dog from Comer

Comer, GA → Stockton, CA (2,524 mi)

Small dog from Dallas

Dallas, TX → Jacksonville, FL (1,030 mi)

Cats from Fleetwood

Fleetwood, NC → Hampton Bays, NY (693 mi)

Small dog from Pomeroy

Pomeroy, OH → Baltimore, MD (356 mi)

Large dog from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA → Honolulu, HI (2,560 mi)

Small dog from Pasadena

Pasadena, MD → Spring, TX (1,472 mi)

Small dog from Pasadena

Pasadena, MD → El Cajon, CA (2,685 mi)

Small dog from Pasadena

Pasadena, MD → Denver, CO (1,690 mi)

Small dog from Houma

Houma, LA → Winterville, GA (612 mi)

Small dog from Portland

Portland, OR → Birmingham, AL (2,560 mi)

Small dog from Pensacola

Pensacola, FL → Martinez, GA (466 mi)

Shipment from Clyde

Clyde, OH → Waycross, GA (915 mi)

Cats from Avon

Avon, NY → Buffalo, NY (71 mi)

Large dog from Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA → Albuquerque, NM (1,930 mi)

Small dog from Fredericktown

Fredericktown, OH → Denver, CO (1,317 mi)

Cats from Chicago

Chicago, IL → San Diego, CA (2,079 mi)

Shipment from Honolulu

Honolulu, HI → Tulia, TX (3,500 mi)

Medium dog from Houma

Houma, LA → Huntington Beach, CA (1,856 mi)

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