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Cats from Burley

Burley, ID → Winston-Salem, NC (2,182 mi)

Medium dog from Newport

Newport, RI → Bakersfield, CA (2,982 mi)

Small dog from Coatesville

Coatesville, PA → Half Moon Bay, CA (2,862 mi)

Medium dog from Wilton

Wilton, NH → Hickory, NC (862 mi)

Small dog from Kansas City

Kansas City, MO → Detroit, MI (766 mi)


Filadélfia, PA → Miami, FL (1,206 mi)

Racing Bike from Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, FL → Plainfield, IL (1,378 mi)

Small dog from Sunbury

Sunbury, PA → Meadville, PA (244 mi)

Small dog from Ava

Ava, MO → South Elgin, IL (523 mi)

Large dog from Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ → Fort Wayne, IN (1,827 mi)

Large dog from North Miami

North Miami, FL → Baton Rouge, LA (913 mi)

Medium dog from Peñasco

Peñasco, NM → San Francisco, CA (1,196 mi)

Truck from Searcy

Searcy, AR → Benton, AR (81 mi)

Shipment from Ridgeland

Ridgeland, MS → McComb, MS (101 mi)

Large dog from Centerville

Centerville, GA → Arroyo Grande, CA (2,405 mi)

Tractor from Eugene

Eugene, OR → Riverside, CA (908 mi)

Small dog from Clemson

Clemson, SC → Montgomery, AL (282 mi)

1 Bedroom Apartment from Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN → New York, NY (1,202 mi)

Shipment from Naples

Naples, FL → Sicklerville, NJ (1,226 mi)

Dogs from Houston

Houston, TX → Norcross, GA (812 mi)

Small dog from Houston

Houston, TX → Norcross, GA (811 mi)

Shipping container 40ft hc

Julesburg, CO → Victor, ID (607 mi)

Small dog from Hobe Sound

Hobe Sound, FL → Jonesboro, AR (1,032 mi)

Glassware from East Hampton

East Hampton, NY → Beverly Hills, CA (2,909 mi)

Small dog from Leesburg

Leesburg, VA → Miami, FL (1,076 mi)

Medium dog from Pasadena

Pasadena, MD → Hialeah, FL (1,092 mi)

Furniture from Factoryville

Factoryville, PA → Scranton, PA (22 mi)

Large dog from Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN → Plano, TX (922 mi)

Small dog from Reelsville

Reelsville, IN → Dallas, TX (865 mi)

Cats from Detroit

Detroit, MI → Portland, OR (2,386 mi)

Medium dog from Corona

Corona, CA → Fair Lawn, NJ (2,764 mi)

Small dog from Loysville

Loysville, PA → Bellmore, NY (242 mi)

Medium dog from Olympia

Olympia, WA → Phoenix, AZ (1,445 mi)

Large dog from Houston

Houston, TX → Charlotte, NC (1,037 mi)

Art from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA → El Segundo, CA (19 mi)

Long Distance from Brentwood

Brentwood, CA → Santa Cruz, CA (91 mi)

Shipment from Thetford

Thetford, VT → Derry, NH (107 mi)

Large dog from Aiken

Aiken, SC → Corvallis, OR (2,845 mi)

Any Heavy Item from Williamsburg

Williamsburg, VA → Westminster, MD (200 mi)

Small dog from Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, LA → Houston, TX (268 mi)

Medium dog from Montreal

Montreal, QC → Memphis, TN (1,314 mi)

Furniture from New York

New York, NY → New Orleans, LA (1,304 mi)

Small dog from Coral Springs

Coral Springs, FL → Springfield, KY (981 mi)

Shipment from Houston

Houston, TX → Huntington Park, CA (1,543 mi)

Small dog from Fort Myers

Fort Myers, FL → Oceanside, CA (2,598 mi)

1 Bedroom Apartment from Dallas

Dallas, TX → Seattle, WA (2,109 mi)

Large dog from Wiscasset

Wiscasset, ME → Elkton, FL (1,334 mi)

Small dog from Pasadena

Pasadena, MD → Billings, MT (1,932 mi)

42' Dry Van Trailer

Shaver Lake, CA → Los Angeles, CA (274 mi)

Dogs from Newport

Newport, RI → Fort Lauderdale, FL (1,436 mi)

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