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Cats from Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, FL → Toronto, ON (1,475 mi)

Power Boats from Dania Beach

Dania Beach, FL → North East, MD (1,124 mi)

Medium dog from Henderson

Henderson, NV → Eagle, ID (659 mi)

Small dog from New York

New York, NY → Oberlin, OH (493 mi)

Small dog from Fresno

Fresno, CA → Portland, OR (744 mi)

Small dog from Baltimore

Baltimore, MD → Aurora, CO (1,654 mi)

Shipment from Davenport

Davenport, IA → Brooksville, FL (1,214 mi)

Racing Bike from Atlanta

Atlanta, GA → Kansas City, KS (805 mi)

Cats from Lanham

Lanham, MD → Bella Vista, AR (1,146 mi)

Large dog from El Paso

El Paso, TX → Enterprise, AL (1,341 mi)

Small dog from Peebles

Peebles, OH → Gates Mills, OH (243 mi)

Medium dog from Springfield

Springfield, MA → Daytona Beach, FL (1,173 mi)

Furniture from Tamaroa

Tamaroa, IL → McKinney, TX (680 mi)

Records and DJ equipment.

Hollywood, FL → Winchester, CA (2,662 mi)

Medium dog from Columbia

Columbia, SC → Cincinnati, OH (537 mi)

Small dog from White Plains

White Plains, NY → Piseco, NY (236 mi)

Large dog from Houston

Houston, TX → Seattle, WA (2,346 mi)

Tractor from Reedsburg

Reedsburg, WI → Dunn Loring, VA (896 mi)

Medium dog from Frostproof

Frostproof, FL → Talbott, TN (756 mi)

Medium dog from Bellingham

Bellingham, WA → Phoenix, AZ (1,497 mi)

Medium dog from Chicago

Chicago, IL → Charlotte, NC (756 mi)

Medium dog from Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant, WI → Oceanside, CA (2,090 mi)

Medium dog from Atlanta

Atlanta, GA → Los Angeles, CA (2,190 mi)

Small dog from Paola

Paola, KS → Morrilton, AR (343 mi)

Furniture from Miami

Miami, FL → Houston, TX (1,187 mi)

Furniture from Miami

Miami, FL → Houston, TX (1,187 mi)

Furniture from Miami

Miami, FL → Houston, TX (1,187 mi)

Medium dog from Michigan City

Michigan City, IN → Wausau, WI (350 mi)

Shipment from Lewisville

Lewisville, TX → Kissimmee, FL (1,128 mi)

Shipment from Dover

Dover, DE → Birmingham, AL (848 mi)

Dirt Bike from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA → Mountlake Terrace, WA (1,158 mi)

Small dog from Oakfield

Oakfield, NY → Louisville, KY (564 mi)

Tractor from Mohnton

Mohnton, PA → Perrin, TX (1,523 mi)

Shipment from Amherst

Amherst, MA → Irvine, CA (2,910 mi)

Small dog from Lancaster

Lancaster, CA → Colstrip, MT (1,287 mi)

Shipment from Chicago

Chicago, IL → Dallas, TX (929 mi)

Small dog from Bolivar

Bolivar, TN → Oklahoma City, OK (535 mi)

Medium dog from Seattle

Seattle, WA → Kingwood, WV (2,621 mi)

Shipment from Fairview

Fairview, NC → Findlay, OH (533 mi)

Medium dog from Kaufman

Kaufman, TX → New Castle, DE (1,431 mi)

Cats from Scranton

Scranton, PA → Huntsville, AL (866 mi)

Shipment from El Paso

El Paso, TX → Spanaway, WA (1,725 mi)


Mobile, AL → Bridgewater, MA (1,408 mi)

Racing Bike from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA → North Miami Beach, FL (2,741 mi)

Small dog from Bryant

Bryant, AL → Corpus Christi, TX (1,006 mi)

Large dog from Killeen

Killeen, TX → Nashville, TN (819 mi)

Cats from Houston

Houston, TX → Reno, NV (1,917 mi)

Shipment from Napoleon

Napoleon, OH → West Fargo, ND (867 mi)

Small dog from Fayetteville

Fayetteville, NC → Salt Lake City, UT (2,157 mi)

Large dog from Dallas

Dallas, TX → Burlingame, CA (1,723 mi)

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