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Small dog from Cave Spring

Cave Spring, VA → West Plains, MO (795 mi)

Medium dog from Fort Riley

Fort Riley, KS → Philadelphia, PA (1,256 mi)

Large dog from Fort Riley

Fort Riley, KS → Philadelphia, PA (1,246 mi)

Furniture from Mendocino

Mendocino, CA → Newport Beach, CA (580 mi)

Medium dog from Killingworth

Killingworth, CT → Pittsburgh, PA (484 mi)

Small dog from Dayton

Dayton, OH → Williamsport, PA (462 mi)

Small dog from Dallas

Dallas, TX → Fort Stewart, GA (1,008 mi)

Small dog from Mesa

Mesa, AZ → Cheyenne, WY (954 mi)

Small dog from Bowie

Bowie, MD → New Haven, CT (290 mi)

Small dog from Dallas

Dallas, TX → West Milford, NJ (1,552 mi)

Small dog from Lovell

Lovell, WY → Winner, SD (556 mi)

Shipment from Plymouth

Plymouth, MN → , CA (1,576 mi)

Shipment from Stamford

Stamford, CT → Wesley Chapel, FL (1,157 mi)

Large dog from Worcester

Worcester, MA → Salisbury, MD (402 mi)

Large dog from Tampa

Tampa, FL → Richmond, VA (800 mi)

1 Bedroom Apartment from Temecula

Temecula, CA → State College, PA (2,528 mi)

Dirt Bike from Medford

Medford, OR → Barboursville, VA (2,820 mi)

Shipment from Mansfield

Mansfield, LA → Newnan, GA (623 mi)

Small dog from Pasadena

Pasadena, MD → Chicago, IL (700 mi)

Small dog from Lexington

Lexington, KY → Palm Springs, CA (2,080 mi)

Shipment from Hooppole

Hooppole, IL → Norfolk, VA (1,003 mi)

Long Distance from Bear

Bear, DE → Minneapolis, MN (1,181 mi)

Small dog from

, CA → , VA (2,647 mi)

Genie Lift PLC30 One Man Push Around

Port Washington, NY → Glen Allen, VA (365 mi)


New Smyrna Beach, FL → Beverly Hills, CA (2,531 mi)

Shipment from West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach, FL → Oklahoma City, OK (1,445 mi)

Small dog from Eagar

Eagar, AZ → Jerseyville, IL (1,302 mi)

Cats from Newtown

Newtown, CT → Las Vegas, NV (2,581 mi)

Large dog from Woodsfield

Woodsfield, OH → Sea Girt, NJ (448 mi)

Small dog from Denver

Denver, CO → Morehead City, NC (1,826 mi)

Shipment from Seattle

Seattle, WA → San Diego, CA (1,257 mi)

Small dog from Tumtum

Tumtum, WA → Chambersburg, PA (2,436 mi)

Shipment from Oakland

Oakland, CA → Atlanta, GA (2,455 mi)

Cats from Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH → Denver, CO (1,191 mi)

Cats from Birmingham

Birmingham, AL → Prince Frederick, MD (789 mi)

Large dog from Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA → Colorado Springs, CO (1,433 mi)

Dirt Bike from Chicago

Chicago, IL → Vero Beach, FL (1,251 mi)

Medium dog from Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa, CA → Elwood, IN (2,311 mi)

Large dog from Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, CO → Odessa, TX (589 mi)

Shipment from Taos

Taos, NM → Largo, FL (1,807 mi)

Furniture from Southampton Township

Southampton Township, NJ → Fountain Valley, CA (2,768 mi)

Cats from Baytown

Baytown, TX → Chico, CA (2,051 mi)

Small dog from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA → Cuyahoga Falls, OH (2,365 mi)

Medium dog from Elgin

Elgin, IL → Ironwood, MI (375 mi)

Large dog from Lansdale

Lansdale, PA → Boise, ID (2,446 mi)

Large dog from Albuquerque

Albuquerque, NM → Detroit, MI (1,569 mi)

Shipment from Fort Lee

Fort Lee, NJ → Maggie Valley, NC (731 mi)

Cats from Gainesville

Gainesville, FL → San Antonio, TX (1,058 mi)

Small dog from Scott

Scott, LA → Gainesville, TX (494 mi)

Shipment from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA → Los Angeles, CA (19 mi)

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