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Large dog from Appleton

Appleton, WI → Calumet Township, MI (249 mi)

Cats from Albuquerque

Albuquerque, NM → Stafford Township, NJ (1,987 mi)

Medium dog from Park City

Park City, UT → Bedford, NH (2,376 mi)

Small dog from Portland

Portland, OR → Asheville, NC (2,642 mi)

Medium dog from Jasper

Jasper, GA → Tehachapi, CA (2,193 mi)

Cats from Birmingham

Birmingham, AL → Palm Springs, CA (1,982 mi)

Small dog from Pasadena

Pasadena, MD → Chattanooga, TN (643 mi)

Shipment from Apollo Beach

Apollo Beach, FL → Portsmouth, OH (968 mi)

Small dog from Elmira

Elmira, NY → Sarasota, FL (1,225 mi)

Small dog from Marengo

Marengo, IA → Penrose, CO (864 mi)

1 Bedroom Apartment from Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale, CA → Las Vegas, NV (536 mi)

Small dog from Memphis

Memphis, TN → Tracy, CA (2,027 mi)

Racing Bike from New York

New York, NY → Topanga, CA (2,817 mi)

Medium dog from Tampa

Tampa, FL → Wichita, KS (1,417 mi)

Small dog from Houston

Houston, TX → Tucson, AZ (1,062 mi)

Small dog from Freeland

Freeland, PA → Barre, VT (361 mi)

Small dog from Arlington

Arlington, TX → Knoxville, TN (864 mi)

1 Bedroom Apartment from Germantown

Germantown, MD → North Lauderdale, FL (1,046 mi)

Cats from Lincoln

Lincoln, NE → Sacramento, CA (1,532 mi)

Shipment from Albuquerque

Albuquerque, NM → Berwyn, IL (1,328 mi)

Cats from Diamond Bar

Diamond Bar, CA → Cape Coral, FL (2,627 mi)

Small dog from McKinney

McKinney, TX → Lubbock, TX (339 mi)

Small dog from Knoxville

Knoxville, TN → Kalispell, MT (2,171 mi)

Large dog from SeaTac

SeaTac, WA → Goldsboro, NC (2,931 mi)

Small dog from Choctaw

Choctaw, OK → Chino Hills, CA (1,328 mi)

Shipment from Pawtucket

Pawtucket, RI → Lake Charles, LA (1,669 mi)

Medium dog from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA → Dallas, TX (1,443 mi)

Large dog from Westerly

Westerly, RI → Dumas, TX (1,864 mi)

Medium dog from State College

State College, PA → Seattle, WA (2,631 mi)

Large dog from Fayetteville

Fayetteville, NC → West Palm Beach, FL (677 mi)

Shipment from Bay City

Bay City, MI → Manalapan Township, NJ (727 mi)

Small dog from Birmingham

Birmingham, AL → Wausau, WI (955 mi)

Large dog from State College

State College, PA → Houston, TX (1,525 mi)

Medium dog from Victorville

Victorville, CA → Eugene, OR (881 mi)

Medium dog from Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT → Carson City, NV (533 mi)

Large dog from Little Rock

Little Rock, AR → Anchorage, AK (3,946 mi)

Small dog from Atlanta

Atlanta, GA → Ontario, CA (2,142 mi)

Long Distance from Portland

Portland, OR → Coos Bay, OR (227 mi)

Small dog from Tacoma

Tacoma, WA → Round Rock, TX (2,132 mi)

Cats from Greeley

Greeley, CO → Boca Raton, FL (2,050 mi)

Shipment from Cleveland

Cleveland, TN → Folsom, CA (2,426 mi)

Cats from Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO → Portland, OR (1,176 mi)

Medium dog from Franklin

Franklin, TN → Peoria, AZ (1,675 mi)

Small dog from Hopkins

Hopkins, NC → Rapid City, SD (1,737 mi)

Large dog from Portland

Portland, OR → Phoenix, AZ (1,338 mi)

Shipment from Castro Valley

Castro Valley, CA → West Sacramento, CA (93 mi)

Large dog from Weston

Weston, FL → Phoenix, AZ (2,346 mi)

Small dog from Dallas

Dallas, TX → Indian Trail, NC (1,061 mi)

Shipment from Tulsa

Tulsa, OK → Miami, FL (1,455 mi)

Racing Bike from DeLand

DeLand, FL → West Sacramento, CA (2,884 mi)

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