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Medium dog from New Orleans

New Orleans, LA → Indianapolis, IN (821 mi)

Large dog from Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach, FL → Moultonborough, NH (1,553 mi)

Medium dog from Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN → Newport News, VA (696 mi)

Fish from San Jose

San Jose, CA → Southaven, MS (2,059 mi)

Medium dog from Chandler

Chandler, AZ → Saint Joseph, MI (1,816 mi)

Tractor from Estacada

Estacada, OR → Barstow, WA (444 mi)

Small dog from Oakland

Oakland, MD → Mendham, NJ (335 mi)

Small dog from Newark

Newark, NJ → Merrill, MI (709 mi)

Small dog from El Paso

El Paso, TX → Nashville, TN (1,300 mi)

Shipment from Grand Junction

Grand Junction, CO → Eagle Point, OR (1,001 mi)

Shipment from Deltona

Deltona, FL → Derby, KS (1,416 mi)

Shipment from Baytown

Baytown, TX → Batesville, IN (1,101 mi)

Small dog from Rienzi

Rienzi, MS → Upper Freehold, NJ (1,006 mi)

Any Heavy Item from Verona

Verona, NJ → Hollywood, FL (1,264 mi)

Racing Bike from Pensacola

Pensacola, FL → Philadelphia, PA (1,098 mi)

Shipment from Spokane

Spokane, WA → Bowling Green, KY (2,087 mi)

Fish from Edgewater

Edgewater, NJ → Las Vegas, NV (2,530 mi)

Cats from Toledo

Toledo, OH → Waco, TX (1,223 mi)

Large dog from San Jose

San Jose, CA → Coeur d'Alene, ID (947 mi)

3-Wheeler from Fallbrook

Fallbrook, CA → Edmonds, WA (1,252 mi)

Garden Equipment and Tools from New Market

New Market, TN → Ocala, FL (614 mi)

Shipment from New Market

New Market, TN → Ocala, FL (614 mi)

Small dog from Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN → St. Louis, MO (555 mi)

Small dog from Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN → St. Louis, MO (555 mi)

Small dog from Gibbon

Gibbon, MN → Jamestown, PA (897 mi)

Large dog from Denver

Denver, CO → Cherry Hill, NJ (1,733 mi)

Power Boats from Cornwall

Cornwall, NY → Fairbanks, AK (3,212 mi)

Dirt Bike from Lamont

Lamont, AB → Belleville, ON (2,242 mi)

Cattle and Livestock from

, VT → Alpine, TX (2,223 mi)

Shipment from San Rafael

San Rafael, CA → Los Angeles, CA (378 mi)

Shipment from Winchester

Winchester, VA → Madras, OR (2,673 mi)

Shipment from Madill

Madill, OK → Helena, MT (1,589 mi)

Small dog from Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA → Pinckney, MI (2,421 mi)

Large dog from Killeen

Killeen, TX → Okeechobee, FL (1,255 mi)

Cats from Sarasota

Sarasota, FL → Newton, MA (1,384 mi)

3-Wheeler from Elk Grove

Elk Grove, CA → Waltham, MA (3,021 mi)

Small dog from Charlotte

Charlotte, NC → Massillon, OH (463 mi)

Small dog from Southington

Southington, CT → West Haven, CT (33 mi)

Small dog from Queen Creek

Queen Creek, AZ → Elkin, NC (2,059 mi)

Shipment from Silverdale

Silverdale, WA → Columbus, OH (2,436 mi)

Small dog from Nashville

Nashville, TN → Billerica, MA (1,103 mi)

Small dog from Mountain View

Mountain View, MO → Chesterfield, VA (911 mi)

Cars and SUVs from New York

New York, NY → Fort Lauderdale, FL (1,261 mi)

Shipment from Ashburn

Ashburn, VA → Waxhaw, NC (443 mi)

Power Boats from New London

New London, WI → Saginaw, MI (495 mi)

Small dog from Ocala

Ocala, FL → Swampscott, MA (1,255 mi)

Medium dog from

, MI → New York, NY (819 mi)

Furniture from Columbus

Columbus, OH → Fort Mill, SC (458 mi)

Medium dog from Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, TX → Weldon, IL (1,159 mi)

Medium dog from Dassel

Dassel, MN → Bremen, IN (561 mi)

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