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Cats from Lake City

Lake City, FL → Buffalo, NY (1,106 mi)

Cats from Auburn

Auburn, NY → Lehigh Acres, FL (1,375 mi)

Cars and SUVs from Clarksburg

Clarksburg, MD → Arnold, MO (804 mi)

3-Wheeler from Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem, NC → Memphis, TN (642 mi)

Cats from Shalimar

Shalimar, FL → Gallatin, TN (467 mi)

Medium dog from Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach, FL → Rockland, ME (1,574 mi)

Cars and SUVs from Bend

Bend, OR → Fort Myers, FL (3,055 mi)

Cats from Sherman

Sherman, TX → Portland, OR (2,084 mi)

Cats from Bend

Bend, OR → Fort Myers, FL (3,054 mi)

Shipment from Tyler

Tyler, TX → Conway, NH (1,866 mi)

Small dog from Cincinnatus

Cincinnatus, NY → Champaign, IL (804 mi)

Small dog from Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids, IA → Lansdale, PA (986 mi)

Small dog from Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK → Ledyard, CT (1,605 mi)

Shipment from Portsmouth

Portsmouth, RI → Purcellville, VA (452 mi)

Power Boats from Naples

Naples, FL → New Buffalo, MI (1,333 mi)

Medium dog from Huntington

Huntington, UT → West Haven, CT (2,266 mi)

Full Truck Load from Fullerton

Fullerton, CA → Casper, WY (1,087 mi)

Medium dog from Hartsville

Hartsville, SC → Roebuck, SC (152 mi)

Racing Bike from Aventura

Aventura, FL → Cambridge, MA (1,482 mi)

Long Distance from

, NY → Hollywood, FL (1,296 mi)

Medium dog from

, NY → Rome, NY (257 mi)

Small dog from

, FL → Lawton, MI (918 mi)

Shipment from Miami

Miami, FL → Dallas, NC (746 mi)

Top toolbox

Yukon, OK → Pensacola, FL (869 mi)

Racing Bike from Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls, TX → Winters, CA (1,617 mi)

Racing Bike from Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls, TX → Winters, CA (1,619 mi)

Cars and SUVs from Miami

Miami, FL → Hickory, NC (782 mi)

Shipment from Dallas

Dallas, TX → Wooster, OH (1,140 mi)

Shipment from St. Augustine

St. Augustine, FL → Longmont, CO (1,813 mi)

Medium dog from Manchester

Manchester, NH → Irvine, CA (3,011 mi)

Shipment from San Diego

San Diego, CA → Earlton, NY (2,898 mi)

Large dog from Ames

Ames, IA → Bellevue, WA (1,761 mi)

Large dog from Voorhees Township

Voorhees Township, NJ → Evesham Township, NJ (5 mi)

Large dog from Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, VA → Garrett, IN (760 mi)

Large dog from Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA → Sarasota, FL (1,096 mi)

Shipment from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA → Tooele, UT (678 mi)

Large dog from Summerville

Summerville, SC → Fort Myers, FL (571 mi)

Large dog from Dannemora

Dannemora, NY → Hastings, FL (1,305 mi)

Small dog from Los Fresnos

Los Fresnos, TX → Rockford, IL (1,427 mi)

Shipment from Boonville

Boonville, NC → Minerva, OH (410 mi)

Medium dog from Oconto

Oconto, WI → Rome, NY (949 mi)

Small dog from New York

New York, NY → Orangeburg, SC (723 mi)

Power Boats from Portsmouth

Portsmouth, NH → Saint Petersburg, FL (1,420 mi)

Small dog from Ely

Ely, NV → Trego, MT (895 mi)

Furniture from Morgan

Morgan, MN → Austin, TX (1,117 mi)

Large dog from Ramona

Ramona, CA → Troutdale, OR (1,104 mi)

Medium dog from Kailua

Kailua, HI → Monroe, WA (2,697 mi)

Shipment from Gaithersburg

Gaithersburg, MD → Fort Collins, CO (1,645 mi)

Racing Bike from Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA → Oakland, CA (318 mi)

Large dog from Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill, CA → Bozeman, MT (1,077 mi)

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