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Antique Vehicle from Highmore

Highmore, SD → Los Angeles, CA (1,541 mi)

Small dog from Pasadena

Pasadena, MD → Pahrump, NV (2,521 mi)

Medium dog from Westville

Westville, OK → Rialto, CA (1,479 mi)

Medium dog from

, NC → Rialto, CA (2,349 mi)

Racing Bike from Manassas

Manassas, VA → Kennesaw, GA (649 mi)

Dirt Bike from Grand Junction

Grand Junction, CO → Wichita, KS (761 mi)

Small dog from Bunker

Bunker, MO → Jacksonville, NC (991 mi)

Racing Bike from Little Elm

Little Elm, TX → Clayton, WA (1,886 mi)

Furniture from Chadds Ford

Chadds Ford, PA → St. Louis, MO (871 mi)

Cats from Chicago

Chicago, IL → Indian Trail, NC (774 mi)

Shipment from Arlington

Arlington, TX → Nevada City, CA (1,737 mi)

Small dog from Branford

Branford, FL → Nazareth, PA (990 mi)

Shipment from Coral Springs

Coral Springs, FL → Pikeville, NC (766 mi)

Cats from Cedar Hill

Cedar Hill, MO → Gainesville, FL (883 mi)

Boxes from Englewood

Englewood, FL → Downtown, FL (293 mi)

Small dog from Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, UT → SeaTac, WA (845 mi)

Medium dog from New York

New York, NY → Omaha, NE (1,248 mi)

Small dog from Mount Sterling

Mount Sterling, OH → Edgerton, WI (473 mi)

Small dog from Pearland

Pearland, TX → Portland, OR (2,296 mi)

Small dog from Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN → Monticello, GA (1,197 mi)

Cats from Oneonta

Oneonta, NY → Wyoming, MI (638 mi)

Small dog from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA → Baton Rouge, LA (1,822 mi)

Large dog from North Richland Hills

North Richland Hills, TX → Cincinnati, OH (969 mi)

Diesel generator

Albany, GA → Auburndale, FL (310 mi)

Small dog from Jonesville

Jonesville, MI → Kenyon, MN (584 mi)

Shipment from San Diego

San Diego, CA → Phoenix, AZ (355 mi)

Shipment from San Antonio

San Antonio, TX → Myrtle Beach, SC (1,356 mi)

Small dog from Selma

Selma, AL → Jamesville, NY (1,127 mi)

Medium dog from Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge, TN → Mesa, AZ (1,785 mi)

Shipment from Reno

Reno, NV → Crowley, TX (1,651 mi)

Power Boats from Morristown

Morristown, TN → Lake Oswego, OR (2,578 mi)

Shipment from Tampa

Tampa, FL → Talent, OR (3,058 mi)

Small dog from Richmond

Richmond, VA → Millington, TN (810 mi)

Dirt Bike from Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe, CA → Victor, ID (1,007 mi)

Cats from New Cumberland

New Cumberland, PA → Ely, NV (2,281 mi)

Large dog from

, SC → Winter Haven, FL (484 mi)

Cats from Jacksonville

Jacksonville, NC → Paducah, KY (799 mi)

Medium dog from Cambridge

Cambridge, OH → Cibolo, TX (1,373 mi)

Small dog from Bolivar

Bolivar, MO → Borger, TX (556 mi)

Shipment from O'Neill

O'Neill, NE → Lebanon, NJ (1,406 mi)

Cars and SUVs from Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ → Fort Lauderdale, FL (2,352 mi)

Shipment from Billings

Billings, MT → Baraboo, WI (1,042 mi)

Shipment from Shawnee

Shawnee, OK → Bogue Chitto, MS (583 mi)

Medium dog from Austin

Austin, TX → Kent, OH (1,373 mi)

Shipment from Lake Placid

Lake Placid, FL → Hudson, NH (1,402 mi)

Small dog from Texarkana

Texarkana, TX → Victor, ID (1,487 mi)

Shipment from Tulsa

Tulsa, OK → Chicago, IL (691 mi)

Medium dog from Hawthorne

Hawthorne, CA → Snoqualmie, WA (1,163 mi)

Medium dog from Tacoma

Tacoma, WA → Kansas City, MO (1,854 mi)

Cats from Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry, WV → Huntsville, AL (659 mi)

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