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Small dog from Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV → Dallas, TX (1,221 mi)

Medium dog from Freeport

Freeport, TX → San Bernardino, CA (1,521 mi)

Small dog from Green Bay

Green Bay, WI → Iron Mountain, MI (120 mi)

Medium dog from Miami

Miami, FL → Huntington, WV (1,039 mi)

Shipment from Chicago

Chicago, IL → Livermore, CA (2,155 mi)

Small dog from Orlando

Orlando, FL → Deltona, FL (49 mi)

Shipment from Boston

Boston, MA → Pasadena, CA (2,973 mi)

Racing Bike from Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg, VA → Christiansburg, VA (218 mi)

Shipment from Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow, OK → Baltimore, MD (1,218 mi)

Medium dog from

, NY → Kittery, ME (265 mi)

Small dog from Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ → Stockton, CA (713 mi)

Shipment from Baytown

Baytown, TX → Hazelwood, MO (796 mi)

Medium dog from Three Forks

Three Forks, MT → Citrus Heights, CA (937 mi)

Small dog from Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV → Fayetteville, AR (1,348 mi)

Shipment from Madison

Madison, WI → Lynchburg, VA (867 mi)

Furniture from Tallahassee

Tallahassee, FL → Lake Oswego, OR (2,849 mi)

Shipment from Westminster

Westminster, CA → Swanzey, NH (2,921 mi)

Shipment from Homestead

Homestead, FL → Marshall, NC (848 mi)

Medium dog from Sonora

Sonora, CA → Mesa, AZ (729 mi)

Small dog from Larchmont

Larchmont, NY → Hinesville, GA (861 mi)

Shipment from Farmingville

Farmingville, NY → Austin, TX (1,806 mi)

Small dog from New York

New York, NY → West Hollywood, CA (2,805 mi)

Medium dog from Fayetteville

Fayetteville, NC → Texarkana, TX (1,055 mi)

Small dog from Houston

Houston, TX → Decatur, IL (894 mi)

Small dog from Denver

Denver, PA → Oroville, CA (2,754 mi)

Small dog from Goodman

Goodman, MS → Baton Rouge, LA (231 mi)

Small dog from Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK → New London, OH (1,011 mi)

Large dog from El Paso

El Paso, TX → Lacey, WA (1,738 mi)

Small dog from Trinity

Trinity, TX → Apple Valley, CA (1,536 mi)

Large dog from Southborough

Southborough, MA → Kirkland, WA (3,021 mi)

Furniture from Bloomingburg

Bloomingburg, NY → Frisco, TX (1,580 mi)

Small dog from Boston

Boston, MA → Clovis, NM (2,040 mi)

Small dog from Houston

Houston, TX → , NY (1,680 mi)

Small dog from Spokane

Spokane, WA → Las Vegas, NV (1,041 mi)

Small dog from Sacramento

Sacramento, CA → Arcata, CA (300 mi)

Shipment from Houston

Houston, TX → La Mirada, CA (1,537 mi)

Cats from Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg, VA → Shreveport, LA (1,061 mi)

Medium dog from Riverview

Riverview, FL → Orange Park, FL (186 mi)

Medium dog from Slinger

Slinger, WI → Corpus Christi, TX (1,402 mi)

Pallet Kitchen Products

Lake Forest, CA → Covington, GA (2,210 mi)

Small dog from Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK → Napa, CA (1,660 mi)

Pole Vault Pit

Banning, CA → Soldotna, AK (2,386 mi)

Power Boats from Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs, FL → Mineral, VA (847 mi)

Small dog from Austin

Austin, TX → Windermere, FL (1,117 mi)

Racing Bike from Kissimmee

Kissimmee, FL → Fishkill, NY (1,163 mi)

Medium dog from Boston

Boston, MA → Bethesda, MD (438 mi)

Power Boats from Pawleys Island

Pawleys Island, SC → Falmouth, MA (916 mi)

Furniture from Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA → Dallas, TX (1,439 mi)

Medium dog from Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda, FL → Troutdale, OR (3,133 mi)


Fort Myers, FL → Daphne, AL (625 mi)

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