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Racing Bike from Round Lake Beach

Round Lake Beach, IL → Downey, CA (2,016 mi)

Small dog from Richmond

Richmond, TX → Bakersfield, CA (1,663 mi)

Tractor from Glendale

Glendale, KY → Duncansville, PA (532 mi)

2-3 Bedroom Apartment from Louisville

Louisville, KY → San Jose, CA (2,345 mi)

Racing Bike from Miami

Miami, FL → Montauk, NY (1,397 mi)

Cats from Chester

Chester, PA → Spokane, WA (2,552 mi)

Small dog from Montgomery

Montgomery, AL → Dover, FL (488 mi)

Small dog from Morganton

Morganton, NC → Jackson, MI (663 mi)

Power Boats from Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ → Spring City, TN (1,775 mi)

Shipment from Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale, CA → Raleigh, NC (2,811 mi)

Small dog from Baytown

Baytown, TX → Bakersfield, CA (1,677 mi)

Power Boats from Clarksburg

Clarksburg, MD → Dartmouth, MA (445 mi)

Power Boats from Lancaster

Lancaster, KY → Baxter, TN (152 mi)

Shipment from Washington

Washington, MI → Salem, SC (736 mi)

Cats from Orange

Orange, CA → Port Richey, FL (2,451 mi)

Small dog from Portland

Portland, OR → Fort Myers, FL (3,171 mi)

Shipment from Matawan

Matawan, NJ → Yosemite Valley, CA (2,800 mi)

Cats from El Paso

El Paso, TX → Anthony, FL (1,633 mi)

Cats from El Paso

El Paso, TX → Anthony, FL (1,640 mi)

Truck from Pittsburg

Pittsburg, CA → Tiptonville, TN (2,182 mi)

Cats from St. Louis

St. Louis, MO → Colorado Springs, CO (834 mi)

Cats from Lake Grove

Lake Grove, NY → Orlando, FL (1,138 mi)

Small dog from West Covina

West Covina, CA → Tacoma, WA (1,130 mi)

Cats from Rochester

Rochester, NY → Phoenix, AZ (2,266 mi)

Large dog from Miami

Miami, FL → Carrollton, TX (1,322 mi)

Racing Bike from Stuart

Stuart, FL → Hillsboro, OR (3,172 mi)

Medium dog from Tazewell

Tazewell, TN → Olivehurst, CA (2,434 mi)

Shipment from New Rochelle

New Rochelle, NY → Orlando, FL (1,103 mi)

Power Boats from Decatur

Decatur, AL → Somerville, AL (25 mi)

Shipment from Indiana

Indiana, PA → Westerville, OH (257 mi)

Shipment from Chicago

Chicago, IL → La Porte, IN (65 mi)

Shipment from Seminole

Seminole, FL → Osage, OK (1,298 mi)

Cats from Tampa

Tampa, FL → Jackson, WY (1,901 mi)

Shipment from Greenwood

Greenwood, IN → Branchdale, PA (601 mi)

CYBEX Squat Press

Addison, TX → St. George, UT (1,164 mi)

Medium dog from Denver

Denver, CO → Memphis, TN (1,094 mi)

Small dog from Norman

Norman, OK → Coopersburg, PA (1,385 mi)

Shipment from Tampa

Tampa, FL → Florence, AL (720 mi)

Cats from Harlingen

Harlingen, TX → Richmond, IN (1,410 mi)

Small dog from Tucson

Tucson, AZ → Boston, MA (2,639 mi)

Large dog from Syracuse

Syracuse, NY → Port St. Lucie, FL (1,311 mi)

Small dog from Killbuck

Killbuck, OH → Gainesville, VA (362 mi)

Small dog from Dallas

Dallas, TX → Land O' Lakes, FL (1,102 mi)

Large dog from Bakersfield

Bakersfield, CA → Boston, MA (3,001 mi)

Medium dog from Anderson

Anderson, SC → Anchorage, AK (4,311 mi)

Dirt Bike from Winfield

Winfield, KS → Ocala, FL (1,282 mi)

Large dog from Orange

Orange, CA → Erie, PA (2,441 mi)

Medium dog from Westland

Westland, MI → Picayune, MS (1,015 mi)

Medium dog from Vancouver

Vancouver, WA → Plainfield, IL (2,100 mi)

Medium dog from Chicago

Chicago, IL → Milledgeville, GA (822 mi)

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