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How does it work?

There is a variety of courier services and letter delivery companies that work both locally and globally. Many local and international businesses send packages and letters frequently from one corner of the city to the other. Additionally, there are times when companies require courier services to ship a letter across town, or around the world, when it absolutely needs to get there as quick as possible.

Types of Courier Services

The types of courier services that make deliveries and pickups include:

  • Courier Transfers
  • Cargo Deliveries
  • Delivery Services
  • Office Document Delivery
  • Courier Services
  • Personal Parcel Deliveries

Out of all the varieties of courier services that offer deliveries and pickups, there are additional services based on exactly how the package or letter is handled. These include Nonstop, Quick Delivery, Five Hour Delivery, and Overnight.

Nonstop Delivery

A nonstop service is used by individuals that are extremely busy and working on a tight schedule. This type of delivery typically uses an on-duty driver that has been stationed close to the pickup area. Their duties include immediate pickup with the goal of instant delivery. Often referred to as on-call delivery, the client will expect a signature once the package, letter, or envelope has been delivered.

Quick Delivery

A quick delivery is usually completed within 90-120 minutes. Some courier service companies offer a guarantee for their services. Typically, the distance of delivery is within 20 miles or less, depending on the city of operation.

Five Hour Delivery

To guarantee a five hour delivery, the destination must be within a reasonable distance. Usually ranging from 20 miles to 50 miles, a five hour delivery guarantee ensures the package, envelope, or letter will arrive slightly longer than a quick delivery, but shorter than five hours.

Overnight Delivery

Many courier services offer overnight delivery to nearly any location in the world. However, this type of delivery requires that the pickup be made in a metropolitan area. Overnight delivery sometimes has a late day delivery at the final destination, especially in rural locations.