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Pet Transportation with CitizenShipper

Transporting a pet is a process that requires trust and expertise. Pets require an element of care and comfort, which introduces a new dimension to shipping and transport.

The pet shipping service at CitizenShipper connects you with professional pet transportation providers. These are dedicated individuals who strive to ensure that your pet is taken care of right from pick-up time, through the entire journey and delivered to you safely.

Professional pet transportation providers will:

  • Ensure that the pet space is well cleaned and sanitized regularly before and during the transport to ensure healthy conditions for your pet.
  • Ensure that the health condition of the pet is well established before your pet is shipped.
  • Ensure that the pet is well taken care of with regular exercise and is properly fed throughout the shipping period.
  • Know that you care about your pet and therefore will typically provide you with regular updates along the trip.

With Citizenshipper it’s easy to get quotes to ship dogs, cats, fishes and any other type of pet you might want to transport.

List your pet shipment today and enjoy peace of mind with CitizenShipper.

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Recent shipments
Recent shipment

Small dog from Vilonia

Vilonia, AR-Pleasant Valley, NY

Won by Tiffiney W for $525

Recent shipment

Medium dog from Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain, GA-Las Vegas, NV

Won by Andrew L for $242

Recent shipment

Medium dog from Santa Fe

Santa Fe, NM-Jackson, WY

Won by Your Pets Nana for $450

Recent shipment

Small dog from Miami

Miami, FL-Niagara Falls, NY

Won by Marcey P for $250

Recent shipment

Medium dog from Chicago

Chicago, IL-Kansas City, KS

Won by Shane's Smooth Ride for $401

Recent shipment

Medium dog from Charlotte

Charlotte, NC-Lansing, MI

Won by Camilla E for $285

Recent shipment

Cats from Sacramento

Sacramento, CA-High Springs, FL

Won by Your Pets Nana for $750

Recent shipment

Shipment from Jacksonville

Jacksonville, NC-Houston, TX

Won by Hussein H for $450

Recent shipment

Medium dog from Oak Park

Oak Park, CA-Menomonee Falls, WI

Won by Road Home Pet Transport for $550

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Most rated drivers

Bankitsafe Transportation

23 months

63 shipments

Beeline Pet

24 months

35 shipments

Shane's Smooth Ride

5 months

28 shipments

David Z

25 months

12 shipments

Mark P

24 months

11 shipments


20 months

9 shipments

Brian H

67 months

11 shipments

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