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Pet Transportation Services, Information & Rates

Pet Transportation and Shipping Information

Moving is a stressful time for not only you and your family, but for your four-legged children, as well. Whether you are moving within the United States or to an international destination, you’ll want to be sure that Fido has the best transporters to make his move less stressful.

Shipping Pets by UPS or FedEx

UPS does offer limited pet shipping as an accredited carrier. UPS has a list of accepted animals, and any animal not on this list will not be shipped. When you are transporting your pet, you will need to use only shipment services that will guarantee delivery the next day. This means higher costs, but it is for the safety of your dog or cat.

FedEx states that they do not regularly schedule animal shipments. They do ship zoo animals, and horses on a gate-to-gate basis, but house pets like dogs and cats are not accepted.

Shipping Your Pet by Air

Air transporters who allow pets include most of the major airlines. If your pet and carrier are small enough, he can ride with you in the cabin, if you are on the same flight. If the pet and carrier are too large, or in cases where you will not be on the flight, your pets will need to ride in the cargo hold.

The airlines have been adopting changes to meet the needs of pet owners. However, pets in the cargo hold demand more attention than the usual bags and boxes. Handlers of cargo hold animals on some airlines are trained in pet handling, so that your pet will have a safer trip.

Ground Pet Transport Options

Companies who ship pets by car, van or SUV use vehicles that are climate-controlled, so that your pet will be comfortable during his journey. The best transport companies use sanitized bowls and have bottled water for your pet. You will send along your pet’s regular food and feeding schedule, and the driver will adhere to that.

Ground pet transporters will take your dog out for walks as frequently as every several hours, and clean your cat’s litter box regularly. Pet transportation drivers normally sleep in the vehicles with the pets they are transporting, or take them into the motel with them. Animals are not left alone. Pet agency ground transport can have a higher cost than air travel for pets, but the human contact and lessened stress levels are often thought to be worth the price, according to USA Today.

Full Service Pet Shippers

If your pet has special needs and requires extra attention, a full service pet transport company will give him what he needs. Nervous pets do well on the ground, too, as do flat-faced cats and dogs that have trouble breathing at high altitudes.

If you are moving, or buying a puppy or kitten, you may wish to choose a pet transport company to bring your pet to you, or transport it to your new home. Full service companies handle everything from vaccinations and delivery to boarding passes, if your pet is flying. Alternately, you may want to have your pet transported by ground, in a vehicle like a pet taxi. A pet transport company makes the whole process less stressful.

Choosing the Right Pet Transporter

When you want to make sure your pet has a safe trip, research pet transportation companies before you make your choice. In this case, a cheap price is not the true goal. Most pet owners would rather pay a bit more for ground service, so that their pets don’t have to fly in a cargo hold. The driver who transports your pet can check on him easily.

Some companies make all the arrangements for you, even if your pet will be flying without you. This is certainly a time-saver, especially during the stress that accompanies a move or relocation.

Pet shipping companies generally use vans or SUV’s for their work, and all should have ample heat or air conditioning for the whole vehicle, depending on the time of year. Ground shippers stop every so often, so your pet can stretch his legs a bit.

The fewer animals in the van or SUV, the more attention your pet will receive. A good company will probably have more than one or two animals on a given trip, but that may indicate that they have a good reputation. Your dog should always be taken out alone to do his business, not side by side with other dogs that he does not know.


Companies that transport pets are familiar with most any situation that arises when animals are being transported. Be sure that your pet has all his vaccinations and a health certificate dated within a week to 10 days before the travel date. A full service pet transport company may handle the paperwork and veterinary requirements, too.

Larger SUVs and vans are sometimes used in transporting dogs, so that the driver can easily walk between crates to make sure everyone is OK. According to Puppy Dog Web, you will need to have all your contact information on your pet’s crate, in case an emergency occurs.

If you can find a carrier that will allow you to contact them while your pet is in transit, this will help put you at ease that your dog or cat is doing well on the trip. Finding a good company to work with will make your relocation that much easier, and less stressful for Fido or Fluffy, too.