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Locationparkesburg, PA, 19365
DBA (Bussiness Name)Silver Bullet Logistics, LLC
USDOT#MC# 786570 PA PUC# A-8914719
Type of Vehicle2005 Chevrolet Silverado 80,000 miles 2012 NNT 7x14 Cargo Trailer
Insurance CompanyA. Progressive/United Financial Commercial Motor Carrier B. Lloyd's of London Motor Truck Cargo Insurance ($50,000)
ExperienceOur family owned company is based in South-Eastern PA. We are fully licensed, insured and committed to providing the best service and a hassle free experience. We operate a full sized Chevrolet pickup with a customized 7'x14' flatbed trailer. This combination allows us to operate quickly and efficiently and to provide our customers more individual care. We use soft ties, moving pads and numerous tie down points to safely and securely transport your property. Communications are important to us. Telephone, text messages and e-mail are all available from the road. Updated information and tracking will be provided to you. We are dedicated to your shipping needs; we have all the necessary equipment to handle the jobs we bid on. up to $50,000.00 coverage included at no extra charge.

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