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LocationEuless, TX, 76039
DBA (Bussiness Name)Deahones LLC.
Type of Vehicle2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 Mileage is currently 52,000
Insurance CompanyGMAC INs.
ExperienceI have been driving professionally for over 30 years. I hold a class A CDL and have experience hauling EVERYTHING from home furnishings to Heavy Haul equipment. I have driven in every state in the country in every kind of weather. My FIRST priority is safety. If for some reason it isn't safe it will not move. In the past I have hauled live animals including multi-million dollar race horses. At this time I do not have the equipment to haul horses but if the job calls for it we can get it done. I may not always be the lowest bid...but if I take it, you can rest assured I'd treat it like I was the owner. I have never had an insurance claim on property or equipment because I simply will not haul anything if the load isn't safe or the weather is too dangerous to drive in.

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