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Contract Name: Shipment from Hampstead

Date: Jul 14, 2018
Route: From Hampstead, MD to Epsom, NH
Distance: 379 Miles

These people were amazing. The animals came happy and healthy. Very good communication. I would only use them next time. They arrived on time and very pleasant to work with.

Contract Name: Small dog from West Orange

Date: Jul 10, 2018
Route: From West Orange, NJ to Chagrin Falls, OH
Distance: 374 Miles

Sharon and Jay were beyond amazing with our little Peanut. They were accommodating, on time, friendly, caring and kept in touch with us. They went above and beyond and I would highly recommend these caring animal lovers to anyone.

Contract Name: Cats from Fonda

Date: Jun 27, 2018
Route: From Fonda, NY to Simpsonville, SC
Distance: 711 Miles

Very friendly, seemed to truly care about the animals and their comfort during the trip.

Contract Name: Small dog from Lancaster

Date: Jun 26, 2018
Route: From Lancaster, PA to Salem, VA
Distance: 285 Miles

Great service! A very caring and fantastic couple. They sincerely care about the animals that they are transporting. I strongly recommend them.


Date: Jun 21, 2018

We Love Animals! Transport is now part of our certified driving team, offering you the most trusted and secure transportation available.


YAY!!—We’ve just been awarded an exclusive contract with one of America’s top show dog breeders for our specialized handling/comforting of little pups as they take their first road trip and transition over to their forever home! We are so proud to be able to provide these little ones such a soothing journey during this HUGE EVENT in their lives. We just ADORE delivering puppies of any age! ABOUT US: We are a team of 2 former FedEx owner-operators/drivers (so rest-assured at least one of us will be keeping an eye on your beloved pet/motorcycle/goods at all times!--we know how to deliver!--and we know how to keep deadlines!). Additionally, we've made many cross-country trips (with our own pets and pulling cars, campers, motorcycles, boats, etc.) in all types of weather-related conditions. For more references on me, please Google “Sharon Stanley, Editor” to see my public LinkedIn profile. **PET OWNERS, PLEASE NOTE: My partner and I have raised a dozen cats and dogs from bottle-feeding infants/birth to elderly age/departure and have an abundance of experience with both baby animals and sick animals, including administering medication and emergency care--so you can rest-assured we--AND WE, ALONE--will keep a close eye on your loved one. In other words, we are NOT a corporate-type shipper who's out to make a buck on loading up as many animals as possible; we're just a couple who loves to travel and loves animals--so when you make your pet's travel plans with us, expect us, and only us, at your doorstep for pickup and delivery, no middlemen. We say this because we've traveled so many times cross-country with our own pets that we understand the absolute need to make the journey as stress-free as possible for your pet(s). To that end, we also use calming pheromone therapy (if you so choose) and shock-proof cushioning under your pet's carrier so he/she won't bounce around. Your dog(s) will be walked regularly and your cat(s)/other animals checked on and his/her carrier/litter box cleaned frequently. In addition, you can track your pet's journey via GPS with us and call us/Facetime us ANYTIME to check on your fur baby. The only thing we ask is that your pet be up-to-date on his/her shots, not be aggressive, and be provided with his/her own food/toys/meds and instructions. **MOTORCYCLE OWNERS, PLEASE NOTE: We both hold motorcycle endorsements for 15-plus years.
  • Vehicles: **FOR PETS: TDI VW GOLF (hatchback w/ fold-down back seats)--pet(s) will be INDIVIDUALLY located (we DO NOT place more than one animal per carrier unless owner instructs us to do so) in an appropriately sized carrier, secured inside the hatchback with heavy duty straps. We DO NOT transport dogs and cats at the same time unless they are from the same household and we are instructed to do so by the owner; however puppies 10 weeks and younger are the exception as they do not yet produce pheromones that would stress out cats BUT only if the pup also does not keep barking. (In addition, we will keep a pup on our lap—remember, there’s always two of us onboard—or in a carrier on our lap AND, if we notice the pup is at all stressing out any other animal onboard (or if the pup him- or herself is becoming too stressed out) we will immediately rent a separate vehicle/use another one of our vehciles to transport the pup individually in the same direction.) PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse--at pickup time--any animal we deem to be too stressed out or sickly or elderly for safe travel of long distances (more than 500 miles); please disclose such information before accepting our bid. That said, we may still be able to assist you--and certainly believe we are one of the best options possible for your pet to arrive safely--but we would need to make prior arrangements first as it may require us rerouting our journey (and possibly spending an additional hotel room night somewhere) in order to accommodate your special needs pet. (Please note, however, that we are not veterinarians and can only use our best judgement and that, if we notice anything amiss with your special needs animal once aboard, we reserve the right to take them immediately to the nearest emergency room vet clinic at your expense.) Our goal is to transport all pets safely and as stress-free as possible. To that end, ALL pets will be treated with the utmost care, respect and compassion. We understand the deep love you have for your fur baby and will NEVER allow your pet to be in ANY danger. After all, WE LOVE ANIMALS, too! **FOR MOTORCYCLES/ FURNITURE: Chevy C3500 DUALLY--8-ft bed--tow package. (MOTORCYCLE OWNERS, PLEASE NOTE: Single-rail motorcycle hauler; any motorcycle delivery can include a maximum of 2 bikes--1 on truck bed; 1 on hauler; these are NOT enclosed options; however, bike(s)/furniture WILL BE properly covered, strapped, and thoroughly secured. I've transported many of my own Harleys throughout the years; ALSO can transport via riding to save you money.)
  • DBA: We Love Animals! Transport
  • US DOT: 20773052

Screening & Safety:

  • checkEmail verified
  • checkAddress verified
  • checkPhone verified
  • checkBackground check


Background Screening Completed DOT Check Completed CitizenShipper Certified Driver

Drivers who join CitizenShipper are screened for a variety of criminal offenses and driving incidents. We utilize a reputable leader in screening called Single Source Services to perform our criminal background screening which includes national, county level and sex offender databases. The background screening we utilize is called the 'Discovery National'.

What we look for with the background screening:

  • checkNo felonies in the past five years
  • checkNo felonies in the last ten years involving theft, assault or violent crime
  • checkNo DUI within the last five years
  • checkNo patterns of misdemeanors in the past ten years relating to DUI's, theft, assault, or violent crimes.
  • checkNo outstanding warrants for arrest
  • checkDoes not show up in national sex offender registry

The background screening includes a residence trace and returns all names and addresses associated with a social security number, in addition to checking the alias(es) returned through the database and the sex offender data.

Based on the subject's name(s) and date of birth the data returned from the background screening are records from State Departments of Correction, State Record Repositories, County Courts, and sexual predator/violent offenders' databases from all 50 states, DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Although this search has great value, and the volumes and sources of data are increasing almost every day, it is not an FCRA compliant service. The data is not updated after being entered into the database and therefore records could be expunged, sealed, or verdicts could have been appealed.

While we believe that the Discovery National is a good foundational screening tool, it is not an exhaustive statewide search of records, and as such we cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness in screening candidates.