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Motorcycles Shipment – From Honolulu to Boulder

  • From: Honolulu, HI 96801
  • To: Boulder, CO 80301
  • Miles:
  • Pickup Time: 20/Jun/2017
  • Dropoff Time: 03/Aug/2017
  • Shipment posted 40 weeks ago
  • Views: 2
  • Questions: 4

About this shipment

  • Details:Year: 2000 Make: Triumph Model: Speed Triple Engine Displacement: 955cc Dry Weight: 420 lbs
  • Contract Name:Shipment from Honolulu
  • Customer Name:William
  • Type of Shipment:Motorcycles
  • Person Effort:1 person
  • Packing:No help needed
  • Loading:Customer cannot help with loading
  • Screening:Background screening required
  • Ends:ended

START Honolulu, HI

END Boulder, CO

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Note: Our quote of $850 does not include crating. Aloha, this is William Donohoe from The Shipping Shack, Inc. We can assist you with shipment of your motorcycle. Quote is with having your already crated bike dropped off at our Nimitz Highway facility. Your bike must be crated with gas tank drained / flushed. The battery cables must be disconnected w/battery cables and terminals taped to prevent ignition. Our quote is based on a crate w/dimensions of 87x31x44 or less at 550 lbs or less (bike & crate combined) Additional charges will be assessed accordingly if the actual dimensions, weight and / or declared value are greater than as listed. Quote is w/delivery to a place of business in Louisville area w/fork lift - i.e. a dealership or picking up at Denver terminal. Let us know if you need assistance with crating. We will place a new quote for crating along with shipping. Let us know when you are ready to ship or any questions. We are here to assist. Your business is appreciated. Mahalo

Aloha, this is William Donohoe, owner of The Shipping Shack, Inc. Hawaii. We know all logistics involved for shipping to and from Hawaii is what we do with shipping motorcycles one of the commodities we specialize in. I personally oversee all of our shipments here on U-Ship. You will be given all of my personal contact information once our quote is accepted. Let me know when you are ready to ship or any questions. I am here to assist. Mahalo

Aloha, this is William Donohoe, owner of The Shipping Shack, Inc. You will be kept updated on status of your shipment during the whole process. We only use DOT LTL carriers - i.e. Central Transport, Roadrunner Transportation, UPS Freight, etc. on the mainland. You will be given the LTL carrier's PRO tracking number and link so that you can track your shipment on-line it is being trucked from our mainland ocean container facility to final destination. Let me know if you have any questions. I am here to assist. Your business is appreciated. Mahalo

Aloha, this is William Donohoe from The Shipping Shack, Inc. Let me know if you need crating. I will submit quote then for crating along with shipping.

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