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How Does It Work?

At the dawn of the film industry, the movie shorts shown in the theaters depicted men holsting a grand piano into the window of a high-rise only to watch it fall and crash into pieces on the sidewalk. While the imagery was funny to watch, in reality our precious items needs special care when being transported. Many of our valuables are expensive, and ware likely purchased as an investment that would be extremely painful to bear if the item was damaged, lost, or shattered.

Piano Transporters

Whether you have a grand, baby grand, or upright piano, you will want to ensure that your precious, valuable cargo will make it all the way to its destination unharmed. A piano is one of those special care items that can be a challenge to move and simply needs to be left to the professionals, who do this type of work every day. A qualified piano transporter will have all the necessary equipment including straps, pads, piano leg covers, and a moving dolly.Transporting a piano takes specialized skills to move an object that heavy and cumbersome without damaging it in the process.

Art Transportations

Transporting art drawings, sculptures, and other expenses pieces requires the skill of experienced movers. Their team of experts will evaluate the specific needs required to move expensive, one-of-a-kind pieces from Point A to Point B. Many art dealers, artists and galleries place their trust in professional special care movers.

Transporting Antiques

Many top auction houses and antique appraisers rely on professional movers to custom pack and carefully crate all valuable antique items. With proper handling, families can be assured that their heirlooms and collectibles will be safe during transport to their new location.

Professional movers follow specific guidelines in the packing and shipping process that include:

  • Determining Value
  • Evaluating the Fragility of the Item
  • Insurance Needs
  • Pickup Requirements
  • Delivery Requirements during Transport
  • Weight and Dimensions
  • Container Necessities (Wood Crating)
  • Packaging & Cushioning Needs
  • Transport Options
  • Delivery Destination Requirements

Whether you have a room full of furniture, a single antique armoire, or a decorative large display piece, each special item requires its own packaging to ensure it arrives damage-free. With proper specialized packaging techniques to handle important pieces from pianos to artwork, any item can be shipped anywhere in the world.

With the right company, the safety of each item is assured. Skilled movers can transport items in order to significantly lower risk and reduce your stress when moving across the street or around the world.