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Vehicle Transport on CitizenShipper

We all love cars or are at least are passionate about them, but then that favorite model and desirable car is not manufactured next door. It requires that you ship it to get to enjoy the luxury. The process is a little complicated, but at CitizenShipper, we try to make it as least demanding for you as possible. When it comes to vehicle shipping, we connect you with a vast network of drivers to transport your vehicle.

For proper vehicle shipping, you need to have knowledge on aspects of the shipping process. We outline the process below, highlighting the major points:

Place an order

If the car to be shipped is not just a pick-up, place the order with your dealer or manufacturer. You need to ensure that the documentation and the necessary protocol is followed in the purchase of the vehicle in accordance with the laid down policies and probably ensuring the insurance of the car if acquired.

Delivery of the Vehicle

With the car duly purchased or ready for pickup, the CitizenShipper vehicle transporters help handle the process from this point. It is their responsibility to ship it and deliver to your doorstep securely. They assure quality of service and thereby the cargo will get to you on time and in the best of conditions.

Reception and payment for the vehicle

Upon delivery, it is appropriate to perform an inspection of the vehicle. The vehicle transporter assures you credibility but before payment you need to determine that there are no faults with the car.

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Recent shipments
Recent shipment

RV from Hastings

Hastings, MN-Havre, MT

Won by Che-Kang F for $826

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Cars and SUVs from Carrollton

Carrollton, GA-Endicott, NY

Won by Charles R for $650

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Shipment from Ashland

Ashland, VA-Dacono, CO

Won by Jennifer C for $1500

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Shipment from Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV-Kalamazoo, MI

Won by Planet Express for $1275

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Cars and SUVs from Harrison charter Township

Harrison charter Township, MI-Florence, SC

Won by christopher c for $550

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Antique Vehicle from Highmore

Highmore, SD-Los Angeles, CA

Won by Roadway Shipping for $1175

Recent shipment

Cars and SUVs from San Antonio

San Antonio, TX-Rhodes, MI

Won by Roadway Shipping for $800

Recent shipment

Cars and SUVs from Wittmann

Wittmann, AZ-Norfolk, NE

Won by CMA for $850

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Vehicle Parts from Ione

Ione, CA-Davie, FL

Won by Stekli Ventures LLC for $900

And 66 more...

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71 months

41 shipments


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27 shipments

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64 months

12 shipments


91 months

15 shipments

Adam K

15 months

24 shipments

USA Pride Transport

56 months

6 shipments

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